The Playlist • July 2017

The Playlist • July 2017

was tempted to review the Fireman Sam theme tune and  ‘Jelly On A Plate’ for this months playlist – but I just managed to regain my mind from mothering mush. My brain has been hijacked by a black sheep and its being scrambled by five little speckled frogs. Wednesday’s ‘Rhyme Time’ baby group went a miss today, for my sanity.

Michael has gone to Scotland for a sporting event so I’m home alone tonight, and for the rest of the week. I should starfish the bed, catch as many hours sleep as I can ready for the dreaded 1am and 4am feeds. Instead I am making the most out of the free time and lack of any distractions like Orange Is The New Black (omg that series is good!)

This morning I had a romantic idea that I’d hide away in our office publishing draft blog posts that have been neglected, but I got carried away with Instagram and continuing the never ending task that is decorating Arlo’s room. In fact, this idea crosses my mind every morning. At least I’ve had enough time to convince myself that reviewing Wheels On The Bus would not be a good idea.

The weather has always been a major influence over my playlists. Recently it’s been a typical British summer. Heat waves, thunder storms, petty grey rainy days and muggy nights. It explains the mixed moods and details within each song.

The One – The Chainsmokers

Think About You – LEON

Cool Blue – The Japanese House

Walls – Elle Watson

Fever To The Form – Nick Mulvey

Paris – The Chainsmokers

Winterbreak – MUNA

Arlo fits into our lives like a puzzle piece, destined to squeeze right in the middle, it’s as if he was always suppose to be there. There is still a shortage of hours that I use to waste scrolling through music websites. A shortage of hours that I use to spend listening to loud offensive music. One day I’ll get those hours back, whether I want them or not. Maybe Arlo will still be squeezed right in the middle, listening to them with me.

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