White Blank Page

White Blank Page

In 2010, I started blogging and experimenting with my writing. I was also contributing articles, album reviews and gig reviews to online music magazines. I really enjoyed it, but as the world kept spinning, my blog also evolved. Over time I began to introduce personal snippets into my posts. My blog moved from being a hard music blog to a personal outlet – an online diary. Last year, after I’d found out I was pregnant, my blog then naturally focused on my experience with pregnancy and my baby boy, Arlo.

When I was pregnant Michael and I agreed that we wouldn’t share photos of Arlo online. We wouldn’t buy in to ‘sharenting’ and all these other terms and restrictions that were being thrown around at the time. Although I still strongly support online security and staying safe – my original oath was broken recently and I’ve really enjoyed being a little more open and expressive about motherhood.


I have this admiration, obsession, fascination with starting a fresh new project. The feeling you get when you turn to a new page in your notebook, the smell of hot freshly printed paper and the sigh of relief when you can start new, with no old boundaries. So I’m starting a new blog. A new space for me to explore my writing, photography and style. I’d like to write about various lifestyle aspects – focusing on our new house, our family life, our travels and adventures, whimsical daydreams, house decor, baby toys, products and crafts.


I’m going to keep my original ‘identity’ and site name of Fanciful Discords. I’d also like to continue writing about music occasionally – I’m still so passionate about it and it feels great to check in to that from time to time.

I’d also love to interact with readers more too, so unlike before on my previous blog, I have opened up my page to comments. I’ve also linked all of my social accounts. So, if you’re reading this, follow along, connect, send a friend request or say hi sometime.

This is where it all begins…

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