Science Fiction

Science Fiction

It’s another grey day. The clouds have swarmed the sky and the air is sticky, like a storm is looming, but it hasn’t actually struck our little village yet. It has been like this all week so far.


Arlo and I have been out for little walks around the surrounding streets, up and down dirt tracks and skimmed the edge of harvested fields.

Now, we’re home, Arlo is playing with his toys on his fur rug and I’m bashing out a few blog posts that I’ve been keen to write. I’m always keen to write, I wake up and I’m keen to write down my thoughts. Having a baby means I have someone else to care for now. Someone with decisions, and sometimes they’re different to my own. So writing is somewhat of a luxury now, something I truly appreciate. That’s okay.

Whilst I sit here enjoying the company of a peaceful content baby and a cup of tea (full of milk and sugar) I also have the sweet strumming of Brand New’s new album Science Fiction on a loud volume.

I had this dream earlier this morning and I wrote it down.

This album is a blessing for all Brand New fans. It is a blessing to hear Jesse Lacey’s dark poetic vocals and the band’s kaleidoscope alt rock sound again with new material.

But, I’m… while I don’t mind having all this going on inside of me. It’s sort of… I think I’m going to be relieved when it’s over.

I have always found comfort in their sweet words – as deep and depressing as they are, the intricate metaphors and hidden secrets are relative and friendly. You’re left wanting to be part of their gang.

Their songs are ominous, like the false promise of a storm – like the one that should be hammering down on our village.


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