Favourite Teething Toys

Favourite Teething Toys

As another bout of teething begins again, I gather together some of our essential teethers and a massive cup of coffee (it will go cold, but caffeine is essential..!)

If we get caught out and about without these little miracle objects, woe is me. The lesson has been learnt, never leave the house without at least one of these items.

Whilst these pesky toothy pegs cut through his gums, I count my blessings that I’ve got a pretty good collection of teething aids to sooth him and make these little episodes a lot more bearable.

Here are our favourites: 

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Sophie the Giraffe & Fan Fan the Fawn

A classic baby toy, with safe natural rubber which is a dream for babies to gnaw on and a friendly squeak inside – perfect for distracting them when their gums are sore. We have both the giraffe and the fawn, just in case!

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Wooden Rattle

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I’ve been lusting for wooden rattles since I was pregnant with Arlo and I’ve had my eye on this particular one from Noc Noc Wooden Toys for some time. I’m kicking myself for not getting it sooner.

It is beautifully made with smooth organic hardwood and sealed with organic jojoba and beeswax balm. It’s light and easy for Arlo to hold, play and most importantly gnaw his little gums on.

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Oh! and it’s personalised too, so it doubles up as a precious keepsake.

Rubber Star

The saviour of all teething toys. This is Arlo’s favourite. Made by Natursutten, it is made out of pure natural rubber which is soft, bendy and just the right size for little hands. Arlo can really get a good bite on this one. I ordered it randomly when I was getting a Natursutten pacifier for him, and I am so thankful I did. Hurrah for ordering randoms on a whim!

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Bubble baths and Milk baths 

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If it’s ‘one of those days’ and Arlo is in complete despair, we have a bath. I try to make them a little different to his routine baths. Either I will get in with him, or I’ll fill the bath with flowers. Milk baths are enjoyable and soothing for him and we both enjoy a bubble bath too. Plus I’ll pop in a small amount of essential oils and bath salts to make it a natural dreamy pain relief.

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