The Playlist • September 2017

The Playlist • September 2017

At the end of this month Autumn will officially start, but you can already feel the seasons turning. The air is cold and the light is more subdued. I’ve already got my wooly jumpers out and Arlo is dressed in knitted cardigans and leggings.

We’re going to New Zealand for my sister’s wedding at the end of October, so we’ve been making final arrangements and bookings.  As much as I love living in the English countryside and setting up our very own little home – I can’t help but wish we were actually making arrangements to move over there permanently.

A few people close to me have proposed that it’s just a fleeting phase, that I’m under the impression ‘the grass is always greener’, but I really, really beg to differ.

As our savings and careers aren’t quite ready for a move to the southern hemisphere just yet, I’ve been fighting off depression with any optimism we have left. Our ideas are to explore Europe, whilst it’s on our doorstep, and take advantage of anything we will end up being deprived of eventually.

I love Autumn. The equal days, the colours, the start of a long string of holidays and festivities. But as the days are getting shorter, and the cold is creeping in, it’s hard to keep ourselves entertained. Trying to keep our heads above the waves of Winter as it approaches us.

This months playlist has changed, from hardcore to soft acoustics, as if I can’t decide what I want to really listen to – whether this season makes me feel comforted or confused.


Can’t Get It Out – Brand New
Echoes in Eternity – Trails
Anyone Else – PVRIS
Same Logic/Teeth – Brand New
The Wolf – LE∅
Waiting – Alice Boman
Swing Life Away – Rise Against



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