The Playlist • October 2017

The Playlist • October 2017

It’s Autumn, it’s October, one of my favourite months of the year. It’s always been a lucky one for me. I’m soaking up all the goodness of mustard coloured jumpers and fall leaves. It’s finally the start of the festivities.

We’re heading to New Zealand in a couple of weeks (eek!) so I’ve put together a double month playlist, before the festive classics come out in December. When we’re back, I’ve promised Michael that we’ll get started with Christmas preparations (yes, I said the C word…) I’ll also be sharing my travel playlist for the 24 hour trip to NZ…

Feeling optimistic and excited about all the upcoming events and a change in season. This month’s playlist is a snippet of pop giddy excitement and happy notes. A small bit of motivation to soak up the last of that warm sunshine and the brewing electricity for the festivities. Starting on a high and smoothing out into a cosy and relaxed oblivion.


Electric Love - BORNS
When We Were Young - The Wild Wild
Can't Get Enough - Basenji 
Morphine - Lights 



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