A Travel Playlist

We are going to New Zealand in a week so we’re preparing for TWO long flights and 24 hours worth of travelling (or 26, to be exact) Oh my goodness… It’s just starting to really hit me what we’re in for.

Arlo has a routine now, albeit we’re not 100% on time everyday. Sometimes when we’re out and about we might do things differently, buuut he does have a bedtime, nap times and little routines that go with that. If I’m honest, I am nervous to see how he copes without them and if it’ll take us back to square one (no sleep for anyone and three very tired people).

However, let’s think positively! My sister / Arlo’s keen auntie will be waiting in the arrivals hall for us on the other side, coffees in hand, ready to take us back to hers for warm showers and naps. Then we’ll be staying with some lovely friends – so it’ll be totally stress free, we j u s t need to get there.

So I have made a playlist ready for us. We’ll definitely need it for our long road trips whilst we’re in New Zealand, so it won’t be totally wasted if we don’t get a moment of peace to listen to it on the plane. Featuring a random mix of classics and some oldies. Mainly consisting of carefree vibes and romantic positivity, ranging from soft guitars to electronics.

Mountain to Move – Nick Mulvey
Noche Nada – Givers
10,000 Emerald Pools – BØrns
Pumpin Blood – NONONO
Paris – The Chainsmokers
Over & Over – Arcane Roots
Waste A Moment – Kings of Leon
Places We Won’t Walk – Bruno Major
Tiny Dancer – Elton John
Send Me On My Way – Rusted Root

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