Welcome To The World Of Wonderforest

Welcome To The World Of Wonderforest

When I was little I was obsessed with soft toys. They were one of my favourite things in the world. Before Arlo was born, I prepared a basket full of toys for him, so soft with the friendliest faces. Now I’m collecting an array of toys for Arlo with practicality, cost and quality in mind. As well as wooden trucks and teepees, I have discovered some beautiful dolls and soft toys and I wanted to share them with you.


mouse and fawn have tea

Arlo’s room is turning into a magical world of forest friends, mice that live in matchboxes, bunnies, fawns, cats and pixies. They have tea parties, stargaze on his windowsill and read stories of adventures in his teepee.

Whimsical and beautifully made, these toys are original and a doll collectors dream. Wonderforest Co. is a small Etsy shop from Sweden of handmade dolls by sweet Rebecka. They are so special and unique that they sell out within minutes of being listed online.

mr mouse and fawn

The level of detail and love put into these dolls is incredible. They have the sweetest faces and outfits, all unique to each doll. They’re nicely put together with strong pretty fabrics and personality.

They are adorned in hand-sewn clothes and can be equipped with vintage chic accessories. The fawns are my favourite, but there’s an entire selection of creatures to collect – bunnies, unicorns, cats, dogs, foxes, fawns, owls, donkeys, pigs, giraffes, lions, llamas, deers, koalas, elephants… all in their own different fabrics, colours, genders and sizes – ranging from micro doll house families to larger sizes. Some fly from balloons, some ride unicorns, some are styled in their very own outfits with a little critter pet in their pocket.

mr mouse and fawn

First I managed to snap up a little lion family from Etsy for Arlo’s dollhouse, they are a smaller ‘dollhouse’ size. I was then lucky enough to receive a custom order of a boy mouse in overalls, with a little pet mouse in his front pocket and a pretty fawn girlfriend, with a stunning fur shawl. They are most definitely my favourite out of Arlo’s toy collection.

Rebecka advertises new stock releases on her Etsy shop through Instagram, so keep an eye on her feed and be super quick!

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