It’s T I M E For A New Adventure

It’s T I M E For A New Adventure

My baby seems to be growing at the speed of light. Doesn’t time go by so quickly? If only we could stop it, just for a few seconds, to really soak in those amazing moments.

It’s funny, there are occasions when you wish it away, say there’s an upcoming event in the calendar. Yet there are days when you just want it to stop. You want to be held and suspended in midair, in that moment, forever.

Maybe in some alternative universe they have time mapped out, maybe one day we’ll have more control over time too.

Take some time out of whatever you’re doing, grab yourself a coffee and have a read about how we can control the use of our time better.

There are days that I wish could go on forever. Either because they are so much fun, or because there’s always ‘too much’ to do. Caring for my baby, bonding with my baby, household chores, work, photography, writing, Instagram, walking the dogs, catching up with friends and family, grocery shopping, cooking…

Generally there are ways we can manage our time and make sure that we’re being productive with our days:

  • Stop multi-tasking and remove distractions
  • Get in a routine, organise yourself, set deadlines and remember your priorities
  • Keep your mind fresh and manage stress
  • Get inspired and only focus on what matters

For a mother, that’s easier said than done though, right? When it feels like your To Do list is always expanding and your juggling it all at once.

Sometimes I’ll have a giant list of things I could be doing, yet all I want to do is just sit and watch my child. Maybe he’s napping, or I’m making him laugh and basking in his adoration. I want to sit and ultimately give him all of my attention.

It’s these early years that are so precious and it’s important to dedicate some time to bonding with your baby. That doesn’t excuse the enormous list of chores and other responsibilities though.

I’m trying to figure out a way to make these moments count. I’d like to remember all the details, the sound of my babe’s giggle, creating inside jokes and staring at the sparkle in his magical blue eyes. Though I feel there’s never enough hours in the day. Managing my time better, and ensuring there’s no time wasted.

So, I’ve created a list of practical tips for mamas and parent’s like me, who feel they have limited time to do everything in a day, because we all need to stress less and have
m o r e  t i m e to appreciate the special moments, the things that really matter.

I’m really pleased that I’ve partnered with JORD Watches this holiday season. Their totally unique and all-natural wooden watches are beautifully designed and hand crafted.

I’ve been wearing my JORD Frankie watch and it’s helping me to put time into perspective and under my control. I’ve got the Frankie in ‘Dark Sandalwood and Smoke’ (link)


The large clear face is easy to read, the colours are so stylish and it’s really lightweight. It will be easy for me to wear everyday and suitable for any occasion.


The watches are beautifully packaged. They come in a gorgeous wooden box with a magnetic sealed lid. Inside the watch sits on a cushion alongside a cleaning cloth and a treatment pen, to keep the watch in top condition.

This would be a fabulous Christmas gift for someone special.

If you would like to to treat yourself, a loved one or special friend to a beautiful wooden timepiece, JORD have offered all my readers a 25% discount. Just follow the link below to receive your exclusive coupon code.

This coupon code expires on 19th December 2017.

*This is a sponsored post. 

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