The Playlist • December 2017

The Playlist • December 2017

December isn’t just about overplayed Christmas movies and carols. There’s more to December than the festivities. There’s bight blue skies on frosty mornings, lights twinkling and freezing toes. There’s short days, hearty meals and log fires.

I’ve put together a playlist that we enjoyed listening to whilst we decorated the house and dabbled with our early Christmas spirit. There’s some Christmas music and there’s some acoustics too, which give me all the feels at this time of year. So when you’ve wrapped up that last prezzie, get comfy in a warm spot like an armchair by the fire, get a hot chocolate or a mulled a wine in your hand and relax.

White Christmas – Bright Eyes
Ten Thousand Line – Electric President 
Nick Mulvey – Mountain To Move
Old Sea Brigade – Blue Christmas 
Bruno Major – Places We Won’t Walk
Jasmine Thompson – Do You Want To Build A Snowman?
Electric President – The Violent Blue 
Radical Face – Welcome Home 
ROE – Playground Fights 
Joni Mitchell – River 

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