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An Afternoon At The Farm

The holidays are in limbo, we’re stuck in-between Christmas and New Years Eve. We have a permanent cheese board rotation with a never ending Yule log and we have far too many drinks to enjoy, with nowhere particular to go and no one particular to see.

Slow mornings and family adventures fulfil our days as they drift by in a haze, almost as quickly as Christmas Day came and went.

Today we ventured out briefly to a local farm. Arlo is always so inquisitive around animals, so we knew it would be exciting for him to meet some friendly fluffy creatures. It felt good to have some quality time together outdoors, just the three of us.

Mr Llama Hannah.Fanciful
There were three different litters of piglets (adorable!), llamas, ducks, sheep, donkeys, chickens and a variety of goats.

Does anyone else say their ‘please’ and ‘thank you’s’ to animals when you are taking a photo of them? Or is it just me…? This one posed so well for me I had to. Look at her eyes and that stunning blend of smokey white on her nose.

Mr and Mrs Bunny Hannah.Fanciful

We always spend a while in the pet sheds, I have an obsession with bunnies and guinea pigs (little hamsters are cute too…) and lucky for me, so does Arlo. We noticed these two bundled up together, enjoying some winter sunshine. Grooming and cuddling, as people watched and whispered. Their fur was absolutely beautiful, like a velveteen texture that was almost magical. I wanted to scoop them up and bring them home with us.

One day, maybe we will get a couple of bunnies or guinea pig friends.

Arlo and Mr Goat. Hannah.Fanciful

It was extremely cold and the air was bitter, so we wrapped Arlo in a thick rug blanket.

Grumpy Arlo and Mr Goat. Hannah.Fanciful

We didn’t stay long, and skipped back to the car, eager to get our hands on a hot cup of tea in our warm home.

Cya’ Mr Goat

Mr Goat. Hannah.Fanciful

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