A Snow Day

A Snow Day

Oh hey! It feels like eternity since I was here but considering how quickly February went by, it’s almost like I was here with you yesterday.


Our little plastic village hidden away in the sticks, way out in the countryside, has been iced with a good blanket of snow. It’s dry powdery snow that doesn’t stick or freeze to the ground, it just glitters in the air, sprinkles our windowsills and gathers in bundles – wherever the wind takes it.

It’s days like these that allow you to really stop and be mindful.


Like the wandering snowflakes drifting by, I’ve been getting through our days with a new sense of calm. It’s so easy for us to go about our lives with a clock, by a routine, with the pressure of productivity on our shoulders. I’ve been shaking off any stress, judgements and expectations. Taking each day as it comes, as full and unique and fun as they are.

As parents, working full time, managing a slow small business at home, photography and raising a child all at one time is a challenge but it’s all I need right now. There’s no desire to sacrifice one for the other, and with each day we get by, I feel so privileged and so rich.


At the moment Arlo is taking a nap so I have the sweet company of a hot cup of coffee, filled to the brim with hot foamy milk, Benjamin Francis Leftwich albums and EP’s on rotation and my cat Milo having a snooze. I’m craving grainy photographs, candles and acoustic music. All those magical winter feels.

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