Sundays are usually a slow day for everyone, right? A day to reflect, refresh and rewind after the week. Long lazy breakfasts, multiple cups of foamy coffee, cartoons on the TV, laundry hung up to dry and rays of sunlight highlighting dust particles in the air.

Coffee stains the edge of my cup and acoustic folk echoes through out the house. I’m thinking these past few weeks have been a significant learning curve for me. Rechanneling my focus to a new different perspective.

Slow living at it’s finest.

Returning to work full time, taking a break from our business, my blog and Instagram, putting my camera down, enjoying a gin and tonic (or two) with friends and discovering how some relationships in my life are worth more than regrets, grudges and bad memories, they deserve forgiveness.

Hey, you there

Can we take it to the next level? Baby, do you dare?

Don’t be scared

Other relationships will blossom beyond what I could have expected or ever imagine. Beyond control, so wonderful and wild.

Then there are relationships that are constantly tested. Distance, disagreements and misinterpretations cause conflict and confusion. There are battles across the oceans between us. Yet the bond is unbreakable, like an invisible wire wrapped around both our wrists. We’ll make it through, it just takes a lot of patience and calm to get there.

This morning I got up early with Arlo and left Michael to snooze in bed. We put on some music and had a little dance around the living room – twirling around in circles, giggling and singing. That new perspective showing me what’s most important in my world, again. Whether these relationships don’t make it, whether they crumble, fall and disappear into the depths, I’ll always have this little one in my arms, the most important and special relationship of all. His sparkling blue eyes said the same.

I love you Sunday.


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