So Fucking Good

So Fucking Good

It’s a Sunday night, the last week of 2018. Tomorrow we welcome the new year in, hurtling away from the bad auras of yesteryear and dragging our bags of good memories with us.

We’re currently going through that strange and slow phase sandwiched between Christmas and New Years Eve. Most of us spend it relaxing on the sofa (aka expanding our enlarged tummies and watching every scrap of Netflix) some of us go back to work (as if our brains are going to function) and the rest of us continue to party on, feast and fuel up as if we’re going to be reaching shortages in the new year (well, we might at this rate…)

Did someone say Netflix? I’ve been keeping up with the latest releases. Birdbox, Black Mirror and the entire first season of YOU were all completed within a week (game over). All of which you must watch immediately, I swear they’re worth it!

Maybe you’re not totally convinced, here’s a tiny review for you:
Birdbox is truly horrifying and jumps straight into the action from the second you press play.
Black Mirror is a totally new concept as you can interact with the main character and manipulate the episode.
YOU is Gossip Girl vs Dexter, imagine if those shows made a baby and you’ve got this twisted gripping chick-thriller lovechild to feed your hungry eyes (Especially if you missed Dan Humphrey’s friendly face as much as I did…)

We have two days left of the holidays now. I’m an advocate for slow living, but I can feel the excessive amounts of gin and chocolate in my bones. I’ve been secretly looking forward to when our ‘normal’ routine kicks in. When we can all go back to work, and our lives, and stop living like lavish lazy beached whales. See you on the other side!

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