2019 Goals

2019 Goals

Happy New Year!

It’s a tad cliche, but I’m so relieved 2018 is over. I was beginning to feel the torment, pressure and upset dig in to my shoulders. There’s nothing like a new year to drop it all and start again.

It’s the perfect opportunity to start fresh and set some achievable personal targets.

I’ve just got back from a walk around Richmond Park and a drink at the pub – a lovely way to spend a sunny New Years day, before we race back to our desks tomorrow. I have a warm sugary tea with me and a list of goals, which I thought I’d share. (If they’re public, I might actually do them all!)

new year, new feels, new chances, same dreams, fresh starts.

Sell / Buy / Move House:

Possibly the biggest goal this year is to relocate, closer to the city. I love living in the country, but I’m not comfortable feeling isolated. I love spending time in London on the weekends. My trip between home and work is close to 2 hours at the moment – or over (thanks to the poor train service) and I’m sacrificing time which could be better spent – y’know, either at the pub, eating snacks or most importantly reading bedtime books with the little one. I’ve moved house a lot in my 27 years on earth, so maybe the move is ingrained in me, the alarm bells are ringing and we need out.

Go To New Zealand:

The two yearly trip back to the motherland is upon us once again. When exactly is still up to debate. Do we enjoy a bit of sunshine whilst the rest of the UK is bunking down in bitter darkness? Or do we go when winter sets in, go whale watching, head south and admire snowy mountain peaks and glaciers? Either way, I’ll be biting at the bit to get there. My sister is expecting and I can’t wait to cuddle and squish my new baby niece. I love going back to New Zealand, so much so I will no doubt come back fighting tears and the urge to stay forever. (One day…)

Learn How To Drive:

So I’ve been learning how to drive since I was seventeen. That’s 10 years of on/off lessons and practice behind the wheel. I’ve never taken a test and I’ve been making millions of excuses not to. I feel like I’m a good driver, although I’m probably riddled with bad habits. I need to take the test and get myself out there on the road, just think of the adventures.

Be a Flexitarian:

A flexible vegetarian, basically. I want to help save the planet and I love animals, but I also really love burgers…

Go Plastic Free:

Saving the planet one coffee cup at a time.

Exercise Regularly:

I’m going to go running regularly and aim to reach further distances, faster speeds and gain better endurance. I really impressed myself with what I achieved before and I’d like to continue with that.

Work Hard:

I love working. I love my job and I love my projects. I don’t stop until I’m satisfied. I want to maintain that energy.

& don’t forget The Ultimate List:

There’s always recurring goals, year after year, like a mantra

  • Get more sleep
  • Drink more water
  • Get more exercise
  • Read more
  • Get more organised
  • Clean more often
  • Explore more
  • Relax more
  • Have more patience
  • Look after yourself

No Excuses.


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