Darling, you need music to dance

Darling, you need music to dance

It’s a Saturday and there is sunshine streaming through the windows, decorating all the surfaces in my little home. All of the plants are glowing and the walls are whiter than white. My baby pink manicured hands are tapping away on my laptop but the clicks from my typing are drowned out by the sweet sounds of Bombay Bicycle Club.

Now that blue skies are beginning to dominate our skies once again, I’m leaning towards my old playlists. Pre graduation, baking hot festival season, cider, flannel shirts and messy hair.. Oh yeah, that friendly little era.

you burn through my mind again and again

I’ve booked tickets for Vampire Weekend and Reading Festival later this year. Slowly spending a small fortune on live music is definitely an excusable past time right? I want to fill my diary with more gigs (and more of me).

once you get the feeling it wants you back for more

A progressive style of music with friendly hooks, duets with petite-pretty-girl vocals and deep drums to beat character into velvet thick bass riffs. Sprinkled with a light guitar or banjo riff. You want to dance, but you’ve got daydreams of those days spent rolling tobacco in wellies, worshipping the sun and fuelling up on fizzy golden pints.

I can’t let you go now that I got it

So that I spend some time away from a laptop and I don’t suffer with a severe vitamin D deficiency, I go where I always go when I need to be kind to my soul – the beach. Just for a small wander and some lunch. The ideal detox from too much winter and too much city, I need more of the ocean.

Shuffle – Bombay Bicycle Club
Always Like This – Bombay Bicycle Club
Electric Love – BORNS
Bubblegum – Mystery Jets
Dissolve Me – alt-J
Golden Hour – Matthew Pinder
The Immortals – Kings of Leon
Longshot – Catfish and the Bottlemen
Kept in the Dark – KAWALA
You’re Somebody Else – Flora Cash
Crosses – Jose Gonzalez
Divine Intervention – Taking Back Sunday

we’re wise enough to know how it goes to get me honey, ’cause we know this feeling all a little too well

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