The Menzingers – a review

The Menzingers – a review

Your eyes don’t mistake you – this is indeed a dedicated music review. It’s been a while since I’ve written pointedly about drum beats and sweet base drops.

It’s also been a while since I’ve found an artist I like.

Full library downloaded, repeated songs from an array of albums, falling in love with the singer, yeah, that kind of feeling.

‘Cause I know the old you, and you know the old me, when we were both lookers, in a 5″x8″ black and white on the night stand of my mind

This blog is pretty much testament to that. Check out the original blogspot and all I had were words for my music library. So we’re doing it old skewl Fanciful Discords style circa 2k10.

Today’s listening habits accommodate for one hit wonders, what with ready made new music playlists on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon, plus Radio stations playing one unrelated track at a time, between blowing up an existing platinum artist.

Then there’s bloggers like me, compiling playlists in their posts – which are most definitely just pick ‘n’ mix bags of the best bits, in the hope that you will read between the lines.

Just another bunch of reasons excuses for the lack of shared musical judgements reviews.

So girls and boys, let me tell you about The Menzingers.

In this case the penny dropped when I was hung up on the harmonies and I really fancied the singers influence. I broadened my horizons, listened to the band’s full collection and I haven’t looked back since, i’m hooked.

I’ve had The Menzingers on repeat ever since, only for them to release a brand new album this month, Hello Exile.

Brand new material to get stuck in my head, brilliant. The more you listen to them, the easier it is to understand why they have such a solid following and fan base to dominate their shows.

So it was a given, I had to write about them.

A decade lost in the motions to romance and cheap whiskey,
the subtle sound of a fleeting feeling, like four chords that don’t love you no more, in a motel room, in a sleeping bag on the floor

When everyone’s buying houses, getting married, or divorced – whatever adults do this these days – I’m over here trying to spin about 3 different lifestyles into 1 lifetime. What ever happened to getting sweaty on vodka and thrashing the boy you fancied on Fifa for thrills? Those days were a hell of a lot more enjoyable than office coffee and lustful looks in the office.

The Menzingers lend you a nostalgic twang of punk rock with familiar lyrical content and swooping melodies.

They’ll take you right up to the mountain peak of youthful joy, only to push you down a smooth avalanche, breaking down their songs in professionally mapped structure, right back onto the slippery reality of memory road.

Like tension you can cut with a knife, like a wedding ring that never fit right

Shuffling through their material, you can pick up on their familiar and established style, even from way back in day 1. It only matures slightly through the years and albums, with tighter productions and clearer bridges – all those skilled frilly bits you get with a developed band. Where they go from here will be exciting to see

we’ll be back again – each time a little different

I’m not going to suggest you listen to Hello Exile alone, The Menzingers are so much more than that one album and those 12 songs. To get sucked in to their magical teenage time warp, here’s a carefully arranged mini mix of their best tracks instead, just to get you started…

Tellin’ Lies
High School Friend
Thick as Thieves
After The Party
Strangers Forever

Is it wrong to say that things can change?

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