About Me

23621622_10155785216399471_4407669131340556655_nBlogger, Photographer, Stylist, Marketing Manager, Brand Rep, Gemini, Creator and Writer.

I write about music, slow living, my personal lifestyle and motherhood – decorated with my photography.

I was born in New Zealand, then grew up in Hong Kong and Japan for 11 years and since then I have slowly explored the world. Right now, I live in a gorgeous little countryside house in the UK and I work full-time in London during the week, whilst operating a slow business from home. I have a son, two miniature dachshunds, a ragdoll cat and a minilop bunny.

I’m that millennial mama who seems to have it all, listens to heavy music, watches Netflix, plays Xbox, drinks beer, tries to fit all her baby’s things in her handbag and still wears black clothes (oh, the milk stains…) Optimistic, honest and not at all mumsy.

Thanks for stopping by!

This is my little online space focused on my lifestyle, home, music, adventures and photography. Always aesthetically fresh and inspiring.


I started blogging in 2010 and focused on music – album reviews, gig reviews and random ramblings. I did this casually alongside writing freelance for various online music publications and websites. Over time my day job became more demanding, the posts became more personal and the random ramblings took over the reviews. Since then, I’ve written about my daily roller coaster lifestyle and experiences with young motherhood.

Although I still have a fascination with music, my posts have moved on to cover lifestyle aspects – life as a mama and slow living in particular.

Hope you enjoy the read. Check in and say hi!

H x

‘She had that champagne smile
the kind that forgets about tomorrows
and sings of only now
and all the music that could be.’