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Slow Living, A New Year’s Resolution

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Diary Entry / Motherhood

The art of ‘slow living’ isn’t just about linen aprons and baking on an old wooden table, covered in flour. It’s finding the beauty in those little moments, it’s finding time to pause, it’s not mentally cleaning up mess whilst you make it. For me, it’s putting life into perspective. Who says we have to be busy, who says we have to be busy all of the time? Why do we need to be busy? […]

Top Tips for Travelling With a Baby

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So I have titled this ‘Top Tips’ because as always, with most things in Motherland, there is endless amounts of advice. I’m going to put together some of the most useful things to remember when travelling with a baby. On the 25th of October this year we embarked on a trip to New Zealand. We travelled for no less than 30 hours each way. As we made our way to the Southern Hemisphere I made […]