So Fucking Good

It’s a Sunday night, the last week of 2018. Tomorrow we welcome the new year in, hurtling away from the bad auras of yesteryear and dragging our bags of good memories with us. We’re currently going through that strange and slow phase sandwiched between Christmas and New Years Eve. Most

Hit play

I am sitting here sipping coffee from my favourite cup, wondering how nice it would be if we could try everything without risk, or is it the adrenaline of danger that keeps us rushing to the next adventure? Before I ramble on, here are some tracks I’ve been enjoying recently:

Swimming backstroke

So, I got my eyes tested. Physically and metaphorically. It’s been a very long time. It turns out I need glasses, that my eyes have been straining and drowning in a constant blur. It turns out looking through some new lenses highlights the world in details I hadn’t seen before


Sundays are usually a slow day for everyone, right? A day to reflect, refresh and rewind after the week. Long lazy breakfasts, multiple cups of foamy coffee, cartoons on the TV, laundry hung up to dry and rays of sunlight highlighting dust particles in the air. Coffee stains the edge

A Snow Day

Oh hey! It feels like eternity since I was here but considering how quickly February went by, it’s almost like I was here with you yesterday. Our little plastic village hidden away in the sticks, way out in the countryside, has been iced with a good blanket of snow. It’s

I Have Lost My Voice

I started the year with a clear head and strong intentions. I had resolutions to live slowly, simply and to refocus my attention on work and being the best mama for Arlo. I had everything in line and ordered in the my head.  I had my camera in one hand

Identity Theft – Did You Lose Your Identity When You Became A Mama?

Did You Lose Your Identity When You Became A Mama?

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