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When The Party’s Over

Anticipating the end before it’s even happened.

Notions and Bear Claws

being emotionally manipulative isn’t very punk rock of you So this is 28. I’m very much on the other side of my twenties now, there’s no going back. I’ve almost achieved all my life goals on paper, but the circus that surrounds me is still whirling around like a carousel.

Darling, you need music to dance

It’s a Saturday and there is sunshine streaming through the windows, decorating all the surfaces in my little home. All of the plants are glowing and the walls are whiter than white. My baby pink manicured hands are tapping away on my laptop but the clicks from my typing are


Forever seeking the coastline, I’ve always been attached to the ocean. The beach is one of my happy places where I feel instant tranquility. Luckily it’s still out of season, so our local favourite wasn’t too busy. We just wanted to hang out and take it easy. Arlo made sand

The Sorry Truth To Prince Charming

Have you heard the latest buzzword? When the most romantic partner turns into a nightmare, or most famously, lying politicians manipulating an entire nation. Awareness is spreading for this identifiable form of emotional abuse and for me, it’s a breath of fresh air. gaslight/ˈɡaslʌɪt/verbgerund or present participle: gaslighting. Manipulate (someone) by

2019 Goals

Happy New Year! It’s a tad cliche, but I’m so relieved 2018 is over. I was beginning to feel the torment, pressure and upset dig in to my shoulders. There’s nothing like a new year to drop it all and start again. It’s the perfect opportunity to start fresh and

So Fucking Good

It’s a Sunday night, the last week of 2018. Tomorrow we welcome the new year in, hurtling away from the bad auras of yesteryear and dragging our bags of good memories with us. We’re currently going through that strange and slow phase sandwiched between Christmas and New Years Eve. Most

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